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Legal matters can be confusing and difficult to understand. Knowing what to do may not be obvious. At LTI LAW, APC, our job is help you deal with you legal issues by informing and guiding you through the often complex processes that are necessary to resolve your situation.

Our attorney, Carlos Martinez, focuses on immigration, traffic accidents, criminal and sports law. He can help with issues related to these areas, including the interaction between them, such as the case of a DUI or other criminal charge and its effect on a client's immigration proceedings.

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Attorney Martinez Has Broad Experience With Matters Regarding Personal Injury In California And Immigration Law Nationwide

He understands how significant your immigration case is for you and your family. Carlos also understands how overwhelming many of the procedures and processes within immigration law can be. Simple mistakes can cause a client case to be delayed for months or years and in the worst case scenario, lead to deportation or being placed in removal proceeding.

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Our attorney has a diverse working experience. He has been a U.S. Marine and before he went to law school and began LTI LAW, APC, he worked for the San Diego Padres Major League Baseball club. In that role, he travelled extensively throughout Latin America working with baseball players and other aspects of the business of baseball. It also means he understands many of the complexities of immigration law as it applies to individuals and their families from these countries.

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