Traffic Accidents

Once an accident has occurred, we know how difficult it can be for average drivers to know what to do to protect their interests and obtain the compensation they need. At LTI LAW, APC, attorney Carlos M. Martinez knows how to navigate all the necessary procedures to file claims with insurance companies.

He gives his clients the peace of mind that LTI LAW, APC, is working to resolve their accidents in an efficient and timely manner. LTI LAW, APC, also deals with all the medical providers and liens that may be placed on an injury claim by negotiating with Medicare, Medi-Cal, and private insurance carriers. The firm takes cases from beginning to conclusion and keeps clients informed at every step of the process.

Distracted Or Drunk Driving Leads To Severe Accidents

On the congested roads of California, car accidents can happen in many ways. Distracted or drunk drivers cause thousands of crashes every year.

When drivers tailgate or follow too close, it can lead to rear-end collisions, which often result in serious injuries, including neck, back and traumatic brain injuries. Car crashes happen for many reasons. Whatever the cause, you can count on our firm to provide the advocacy and support you need.

Motorcycle Crashes

If you ride a cycle, the risk of a motorcycle crash is ever-present. Sometimes taking precautions is not enough to prevent a distracted driver from crashing into you. Attorney Carlos M. Martinez has experience with claims made by motorcycle riders injured in traffic accidents. If you are a victim of a traffic incident, rest assured that you will be well-represented.

Other Personal Injury Claims

LTI LAW, APC, can also assist with a wide variety of other personal injury claims. No matter how you were hurt, if your injuries are due to someone else's negligence, we can help. The negligent party's insurance company will have a team of attorneys working to deny your claim. LTI LAW, APC, will fight to protect your interests.

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