What To Do After A Car Accident

Most people in California spend a great deal of time driving in a vehicle. No one likes to think about the prospect of being in a car accident, but sadly, it happens. However, it's important to keep in mind some steps about what to do after this situation occurs. At LTI LAW, APC, the firm has listed some step-by-step guidance for what to do after a car accident:

Stay At The Scene Of The Accident, And Do Not Leave

Never leave the scene if you are involved in a car accident. If there are injuries or death of a person and you leave the scene of the accident, you could face criminal charges.

Check Yourself And Your Passengers

Ensure that all persons in the vehicle are conscious and alert. Ask if anyone in your vehicle was injured. Call 911 for an ambulance for anyone who has been injured by the crash. If any passenger, including yourself was injured, do not move the person if it is safe to leave them where they are, and immediately call for medical support and the police to take a police report to make sure the defendant has valid insurance.

Stay Safe

If you can, move your car to the side of the road, do it to avoid traffic jam and being hit by another vehicle. If you are not able to move the vehicle, at least walk to a safety zone, and remain there until emergency personnel arrive If it is safe to take pictures of the damage with your smart phone do so for evidence of property damage.

Call The Police

If the car accident resulted in any one injured people you need to call the police. Obtain an incident report number and location where the report can be ordered. Track the police record of the accident, and document the situation.

Exchange Information

Write down names, phone numbers, addresses, driver's license number and insurance policy number of the other driver involved in the car accident. If there are other passengers, write their names, addresses and phone numbers. If there were any witnesses take down their information. In addition, take a photo of the driver license of the person driving the vehicle who caused the accident and a photo of the proof of insurance card and make sure it is a current insurance card.

Take down detailed notes, including the intersection where the accident occurred, time of day, the date and actual time of the accident. If there is a witness(es) get their names and telephone numbers and address in case they can give a declaration or testify at a trial if needed.

Call Your Insurance Company

Cooperate with them, and tell them the truth about what happened in the car accident. It's important to understand the extent of your coverage from your insurance. However, limit your explanation to just the facts.

You may want to write out the sequence of events on paper before you speak with them, to ensure you have your facts straight and don't become confused during the call. Don't admit to fault. Remember, insurance companies are always looking for reasons to deny a claim. Don't give them one. Once you hire LTI LAW, APC, you will not have to speak to the insurance company regarding your bodily injuries, LTI LAW, APC will take care of dealing and negotiating with insurance companies.

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